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April 2016: New Moon in Aries: Ride the Wave of Change!
Change isn't always easy. Just ask anyone who is getting older, outgrowing a youthful lifestyle, being pushed aside from a job or getting shocked out of the comfort of a romance. 

Change forces us to re-examine what we are made of, to discover that everything we need really isn't in our appearance, our family, friends, jobs or relationships.

When we plan out our own course of change, it is far easier to accept. In fact, there are times when that change just doesn't seem to happen fast enough.

However, when the change is unexpected, there is often discomfort. Sometimes, as Monty Python has recounted, there is "deep anger and resentment." Can't things just go on the way they are?

We must constantly evolve, and at this time of year, change comes at us faster and more furiously than ever! The key to dealing with this is the ability to accept the truth of any matter, to detach from that which is no longer necessary, and yes - to embrace the new!

Every month, the moon creates the sensation of new beginnings as it unites with the sun at the New Moon. This month, the new moon takes place in the sign of Aries. Some of the themes of Aries are action, impatience, and dominance. This might mean that, as changes take place in our lives, some of them might not be welcome. Our job is, just as the spring lamb does as it bangs its head into a wall, to get up, find a new route to where we want to go, and move on.

As the new moon takes place on Thursday April 7 at 7:24 AM EDT, put yourself in a position where you welcome the wave of change. You can do this. You know that God, the Universe and Everything has a plan for you. The sooner you cooperate with it, the easier it will be to take the steps you need in order to find your passion, live your purpose, and take the action that will create happiness and fulfillment!

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