Judi is available to speak at corporate events, college conclaves and anywhere people want to learn more about what makes people tick. Speaker Judi Vitale makes every audience feel like one big happy family by demonstrating how astrology touches everyone's lives. Her specialties and speaking topics include:

Improve Your Relationships: Give Judi your birthday and she'll tell you how to find love and make it last a long, long time.

Work Together Better: Facilitate optimal interpersonal dynamics in the workplace as astrology lets you increase awareness of abilities, proclivities and weak spots of all the sun signs.

Datin' and Matin': Learn about the personality traits of all the signs, what attracts them and what they're looking for in love.

The Ways Astrology Works An overview of, the 12 signs and the ways astrologers can help make life more rewarding, from predicting possibilities and helping people choose the best times to make decisions and lots more!

Wedding Astrology: Straight from Judi's appearance on the CBS Early Show, this presentation covers how the date a couple chooses their wedding can influence the ceremony and reception, plus the best flowers, food and color schemes for weddings of every sign.

Personal Best: Learn about how the signs and planets influence various parts of the body, and how you can use planet cycles to optimize health and fitness.

Stellar Foods: Learn about how each sign deals with food, from preferences and weaknesses to nutritional health and problem spots.


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