I studied for a long time to learn how to "Read the Stars", and I want EVERYBODY to be able to use astrology.   

I do a lot of writing and talking here on ReadTheStars.com, and it's fun to talk about what's happening in general for all the sun signs.  

I'm sure that helps a lot of people, but yet, I know there is way more to every individual than that.  There are ways of getting more insight through astrology.  Lots of web sites offer automated astrology reports - but, have you ever read one of those astrology "reports"? You give them your birth information, you send them your money, then you get pages and pages of information to pore through. Much of what you read will sound like you - and you'll relate to it and find a lot of it to be fun and valuable, but...some of it won't. There are contradictions that often leave you feeling confused, and wondering if this astrology stuff really works at all.

Computers can gather information and sort it in the exact way these reports are formatted, but there's one thing they can't do. They can't synthesize! What if your sun in Capricorn makes you a fervent player of "hardball" but your Pisces moon makes you a pliable "softie?" How do you put the information in the report together so it sounds like you? Really, only an astrologer who looks at your individual case can do that for  you.  Full-bown individual readings start at something like $100 per hour, so even if you have just a little question, it can be very expensive to answer.  And, even if you have the money, do you have the time to take a whole hour to hear everything there is to know?


I love to help people understand themselves through astrology, so I've come up for a way to offer "real" astrology - in Plain English to you for a very reasonable price!

You send me your information, ask me a question or two, and then receive your individually analyzed, professionally produced, and private link to a video reading that’s created by me just for you.  



Once you've decided to get your Personal and Private Video Reading, simply fill out the form below and send me your information. It always helps if you have your birth time, but if you don’t, we can still work together.  I'll respond with an email requesting payment (through PayPal or by regular mail), and when I get that, your video will be made.  The price, once again, is exceptionally reasonable - 5-7 minutes @$19.95.


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