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“Hey, baby, what’s your sign?”

That old cliché still starts conversations the world over! People always want to talk about astrology, and they always want to know what’s so special about the signs, especially theirs! Get savvy about the signs right here at Read The Stars Dot Com. What does your zodiac symbol REALLY mean? The spirit of your sign comes from a picture the ancients saw the sun pass through at a certain time of year. For instance, Aries the Ram beings the spring. Leo the Lion is the heart of summer. Sagittarius the Centaur is the merry end of the Fall and Pisces the Fish show us there is hope that spring will come again. Taurus the Bull is protective of the first flowers as they push up and out of the earth. Click on your sign to find out more about the way you perceive the world, what you do best, the things you need to work on…what turns you on, which parts of the body are most likely to be stronger than others, what colors soothe you and more. Click on the signs of friends, lovers and family to find out more about them! Wha makes them tick? What should you say to that co-worker who doesn’t seem as though he’ll ever get enough reassurance? Who’s the best lover for you? What’s your sister’s favorite color? You can even find gifts that are good to buy for people of different signs, based on what they like. When you tune into your sign, you reach an inner harmony with the universe. Here at ReadTheStars.com, we’ve got your sign and we’ll tell you all about it.



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