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Pluto Retrograde Ends: Go For It!


So what do you think?  Is Pluto a planet?  As Pluto gets ready to come out of the retrograde it began on April 9th, we'll find out.

Mercury Goes Direct - But What About Hurricane Irene?

Mercury will end its retrograde period on August 26th at 6:03 PM EDT.  This is a moment most of us have been saying we can't wait for, and with good reason.  This Mercury retrograde period in Leo has been stubborn and strident, much like the lion itself!  Just so you know, though, things will improve now, but we're not totally "out" of the retrograde until September 10th, when Mercury moves beyond the point where it was when it went retrograde on August 2nd, at 1 degree of Virgo.  Still, it will feel better to some degree, and you'll notice the things that vex you not being as difficult as before.  Care must still be taken, of course, but for the most part you'll find you've learned lessons such as moving slowly, driving with care and remembering your cell phone when you leave the house.  I hope I do, anyway!


There are at least two news stories that I believe will be part of this Mercury Retrograde coming to an end.  One will be the events in Libya - but I think it will take a small bit longer to hear what will happen next.  The other, more immediate, one is Hurricane Irene.  Watch the video to see what I believe astrology will do to contribute to this story - with a special note of Cancerian mommy-type care for my many wonderful friends in New York City." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>




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