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This will be a high-energy week, filled with opportunities to surge forward toward your goals in your professional life as well as personally speaking.  An out-of-the-ordinary amount of inspiring energy will resut from two major events - the full moon that takes place overnight before Monday, and the station of Pluto as it comes out of its long retrograde period on Friday.  The sun will still be in Virgo, allowing us to continue a more focused and organized approach to our lives.  Other planetary moves will allow us to shift gears in our attitudes toward others.  Venus will allow us to become softer, yet more logical, after it moves into Libra, while Mars will encourage us to be less emotional and reactionary so we can develop a more dynamic and dramatic approach to asserting our desires and taking actions on our intentions.    Relationships will grow from these changes, and we'll have many opportunities to get a grasp on our emotions and bring some of our ideas into reality.


The void of course moon will be comparatively scarce this week, thank goodness, so it's a rather good week for doing business.  Here are some key events and times - all times are U.S. Eastern:


Full Moon - Monday September 12, 5:27 AM

Venus in Libra - Wednesday September 14, 10:40 PM

Pluto Station to Direct (out of Retrograde) - Friday September 16, 2:23 PM

Mars in Leo - Sunday September 18, 9:51 PM

Moon Void of Course:

Monday September 12, 9:45 PM-Tuesday September 13, 2:49 AM

Thursday September 15, 1:11 PM-3:25 PM

Sunday September 18, 3:09 AM-4:06 AM


Watch the video for more day-to-day insignt, including your best days for asking for what you want and getting what you need:" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

There will be a few more planetary antics going on, so even when you're working like crazy, remember to watch your daily horoscopes for the details!

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