Mercury In Scorpio - The Conversational Ninja

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Hey - watch where you aim that thing!

That's something we might say when we find ourselves within range of a wild-eyed and famously reckless comedian wielding a Ninja's sword.  Sometimes the planets can deliver energy that's just as threatening, and that's why we have to examine the effects of Mercury in Scorpio and come up with a way of stopping ourselves from going wild.This combination can be a dangerous weapon!  Mercury in Scorpio is great for cutting right to the heart of a matter, slicing and dicing it and getting to the truth.  Like a Ninja, it sneaks up on us and strikes right when we least expect it to!  This can be an invaluable tool when we channel it to deliver verbal strikes to people who want to oppose our plans.  However, if we allow this force to work unconsciously, we can wind up in a lot of trouble.  


While Mercury is in Scorpio, from October 13-November 2, you might notice people have a smart response to just about everything.  Much of it (if you appreciate satire) will be cutting and funny.  Some of it, though, might be sharp and offensive.  Your job will be to become aware of your own reactions to Mercury, the planet that allows us to communicate, in Scorpio, the sign that takes one thing and transforms it into another.  It's an excellent time for research, investigations and intellectual exploration.  It's a difficult time in our interpersonal relationships because we tend to say what we're thinking, maybe disguising it as a joke; but often not bothering to cloak our distaste or disgust in anything but its own naked truth.  


It won't be easy, but you will benefit if you become aware of the possibility of hurting other people's feelings, and try to avoid being offensive.  While Mercury in Libra couldn't stop thinking about that, Mercury in Scorpio couldn't care less about it.  Use the rest of your personality and planetary-related gifts to be a good, nice fellow human being. 


Mercury will combine its incisive energies with some other planets.  Here's a short synopsis of what the resulting mixture might be like.  Keep checking with your daily horoscopes to keep in constant contact with your planetary weather, and how Mercury in Scorpio will affect your sign.


October 16: Mercury sextile Pluto: Extreme abilities to gain insight into problems that need solving, but a ruthlessness about finding the truth and pointing it out.

October 17: Mercury opposite Jupiter: An exaggeration of Mercury's insistence upon being "right", and the possibility of going way to far with cynicism and critical analysis.

October 28: Mercury square Mars: This could be a day when most people feel very touchy.  An extra bite could be added to people's thoughts, words and actions.

November 1: Mercury square Neptune: Mercury in Scorpio might actually learn that no one can be right 100% of the time.


Watch the video for more insight and information about what happens when Mercury goes into Scorpio.








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