Saturn in Scorpio: Grim Reaper Stirs Up the Muck

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Big changes come about whenever Saturn moves from one part of the Zodiac to the next. On October 5, 2012 this serious and severe planet will move into the murky sign of Scorpio, where it will remain through December of 2014.  Watch the video for my take on what this might mean, a discussion of events that occurred during Saturn's last visit to Scorpio (1983-1985), and inspiration that might awaken you to the possibilities coming along as Saturn stirs up the muck.


Your horoscopes (below the video) will help you identify the area of your life that is likely to be impacted.


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Here's the Saturn in Scorpio Video:





It’s time for you to confront your fears and get over them. From trying to avoid becoming “too close” in your relationships to glossing over financial matters, you may need to re-think the way you engage with your life and the people in it. You have a long time to work this out; start now by seeking knowledge, and don’t be afraid to travel in order to find it.


One-to-one relationships may not go as easily for you as you want them to, unless you devote your heart, mind and soul to them in a way that is serious and sober. The significant others in your life are likely to place demands on you, and most often they won’t even know they’re doing it. The things that happen to them might be responsible for them not being “there” for you. Use your determination to stick with asking the right questions so you can get to what’s going on beneath the surface.


A lack of physical stamina isn’t the kind of thing you take lightly. Because you always want to feel young and filled with vitality, it might be hard for you to realize you need to put more attention and effort into building up your body. The people you work with and around may not be all that helpful to you now, either. Try to work with them one-on-one in order to get into their good graces. Also, taking proactive measures to further a romance could be a big help to you now.


Your ability to do things just for the fun of it may be impaired when you realize how much predictability and structure you want to incorporate into your leisure time. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to relax, but for now your favorite way will be by making plans and following through with them. Although things won’t always work out perfectly, they’ll go well for you as long as you put in the physical and emotional energy it takes to keep building on your social circles.


Your sense of who you are and where you came from will help you make important decisions about the future. Right now, you need to ask what it is you truly want to be, and begin to make plans to live your dreams. Even if you’re no longer terribly young, and maybe especially if this is so, there’s no time like now to start building your future. Creativity will be in abundant supply now. Tap on it.


Communication may become quite a serious matter to you now, and you may have to deal with obstacles that make it more challenging to get from one place to another. It’s also going to be difficult for you to be bold and certain about what you want from the people who are closest to you. Be assertive about family matters, especially if you want changes to be made around your house. If you don’t claim your space, you can’t complain when people don’t stay out of it.


It might not be your fault, but for now you will probably have to struggle with material matters. Even when you do get money, it will be after you have put your sweat and tears into a task in order to earn it. It’s a good idea to become more frugal than you naturally tend to be, so you can protect yourself from draining your resources. Also, scramble to get your connections going, so there will always be work, no matter how hard, difficult and tiring it might be.


This is going to be a tiring and challenging time for you, but because you like to be offered opportunities to grow and transform, you’ll come out of it with real gratitude. Build up your body and find ways of connecting with your mind and spirit so you can keep your disposition on an even keel. Then, even when life gets tough, you’ll be able to see your way through the storm. Focus on making money right now, so you have something to fall back on when that rainy day arrives.


You are one of the most positive people around, but now you’ll need to guard against becoming more dispirited than you normally are. Negative thoughts will have an easier time getting to you if you don’t remain diligent about always doing your best. Don’t listen if you hear the words “I can’t” rattle around in your head. Put your positive thinking to work, and use the hesitation you might be sensing to help you make decisions you can live with for a long time to come.


The burdens that come with working with a group of people you might not ordinarily choose to work with will come to you time and again. For now, it will be good for you to balance your group interactions with plenty of contemplation time, when you take on the world flying solo. Your friendships will come slowly now, but they will be of better quality and last longer, too. Learn how to be a more inspiring leader by letting your hair down and being as one with the people who are on your team.


This is an awesome time for your career. Things will happen that confirm what you may have thought about your goals, and demonstrate to you what your possibilities are. You could also be confronted by your limitations at this time. With power comes responsibility, and you will have to put a great deal of time into living up to the expectations that are placed on you now. Use your connections with friends and colleagues to help you remember that it’s possible to get assistance - all you have to do is ask for it.


You might want to take on the weight of the world right now. Your compassion could be unleashed on issues that have to do with advocating for the underdog, especially where matters that involve morals and ethics are concerned. It will be hard for you to stand back and watch people be hurt by the insensitivity of others in the world. Use your unique abilities to truly support those who need your help - but remember to make sure you have enough energy left to take care of your own needs, too.

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