Mercury Retrograde Mania - and Uranus Too

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Feel the pressure?  It's a double-dose of retrograde motion, coming this way.



Uranus will go retrograde on Friday July 13th at 5:49 AM EDT. 

Mercury will go retrograde on Saturday July 14th at 10:16 PM.


For more about what this will mean to you, read the Uranus Retrograde Horoscopes for Friday July 13th, below, and link to this 2011 article about Preparing for Mercury Retrograde, or read these Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes I wrote for


Here are those Uranus Retrograde Horoscopes!

The always-unpredictable planet Uranus is going to stop in its tracks and begin its retrograde period.  For the most part, we will be confronted with issues that involve sudden change and disruption. We may have been pretending these things haven’t been happening, but they are – and we’ll be reminded between now and December 13th, when Uranus moves forward once again.  Read for your sign to see how you  might experience the sensation that the out-of-control roller coaster is about to leave the gate.


If you think you’re having problems with your interpersonal interactions, you might need to analyze the way you’re projecting your ideas and feelings out into the world. If you don’t think you’re having problems, some things might happen that prove you need to prove your independence without shattering things to pieces.


Have you come up with a good way to relax yet? It might be a good idea to tame yourself down and begin to realize that worrying is not the most productive use of your time. Find something – anything – that makes you focus so hard on it that you can’t think about anything else. Biking and hiking are always good “sports” for you. Get out there!


The hubbub around a group of people you might be working or trying to fit in with could get a little more hectic than it already was. Changes, such as people coming and going, or you deciding you’d rather not deal with the same faces all the time, could come up for you. Make a definite decision one way or the other, and be as consistent as you can be.


You know it’s time for a change in the way you approach your career, but it might have been easier to avoid it. Whether you have to seek a new way of making money or you just have to get used to a new boss or manager you don’t think you’ll ever like, pay more attention to how you can be your own best booster, and do the best job you can.


You might have worked really hard at acquiring knowledge and experience that has allowed you to pursue intellectual passions and achieve professional goals, but things do change! Now, you could be confronted with the need for additional time playing the student. Don’t sell yourself short. Say “yes” to more training and further education – especially if it includes a fun trip or two.


You like it when your most intimate relationships are steady, secure and safe – but lately, you’re being pushed to go outside your comfort zone. Even with your appreciation of decorum and dignity, there will be times when it’s all right to be a little crazy – especially when it comes to demonstrating your passion for someone you’re crazy about.


You’ll come up against a bunch of tough customers in your one-to-one relationships now. Stop believing that almost anyone else has the same idea of what partnership should be that you do. You might have to learn how to be more independent than you are right now, just to bring your relationship world back into balance.


The little burps and false starts in your daily routine could become more obvious to you now. The pace may slow down, but the need for change will probably become even more acute.  The “old way” just isn’t going to work anymore, so you’ll have to change your habits whether you want to or not. Be gracious and patient, particularly with yourself.


You might welcome the opportunity to focus more on your creative life and your social interactions. If you’ve been dating, you might have noticed the people around you are not of the most consistent variety. Lucky for you, freedom is more important than constant companionship. It’s okay to ask for loyalty, though!


Everybody around you might think you’ve got everything together, but you know you need a lot more self-confidence than you normally roll with. At the moment, you’re not really sure about your foundations and how strong you really are. When there’s something you’re afraid of, the best thing to do is see it, name it and conquer it in your powerful, authoritative style.


On the outside, you might act as though some disturbing information has little or no effect on your mood, but in truth you could be more than a little stirred up. Your thinking needs to undergo a transformation, and you have to learn to make changes as quickly as you demand them of others. You can do it if you just let it all happen.


Your finances might be in a state of flux, and ignoring all the ups and downs isn’t going to help at all. You need to get yourself focused on how you can do better and managing your cash flow so it’s more even. Hold on to some of what comes in, so you don’t eventually run out.




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Thanks for the guide for working with mercury. It always seems to cause delays for me but I'm starting to learn how to approach my life during this period!

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