Uranus and Pluto Squared -Chaos or Creation?

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Uranus Pluto square, Astrology, Jupiter square Neptune, Saturn station, Judi Vitale, ReadTheStars, Credit:wreckamovie.com

In 2005, Master Songwriter Sir Paul McCartney wrote the words "It's a long way from chaos to creation". That's pretty much how we're going to feel as the big picture changes brought on by the Uranus-Pluto square come into our lives.

Uranus will square Pluto, marking a time when the forces of revolution and transformation, individual freedom and absolute authority and the new and the establishment will be at odds.  Jupiter will square Neptune on the following day, adding idealism, expansion and inflation to the mix, while Saturn moves out of its retrograde period in order to bring us back to reality.


It's hard to say just exactly what will happen in these next few days and in the future as the Uranus-Pluto tug of war goes on through 2015. In this video is my summation of what I have found by "reading the stars." I hope it will help to enlighten you and give you some things to think about. Remember, we can succumb to chaos, or allow the spark of genius to spur us to some grand creation. The choice, for ourselves as individuals as well as for the entire planet, is ours.



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