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Private Video Readings are BACK!

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Photo by Freddie

 Now that Mercury is no longer Retrograde, you can get a Private Video Reading from me again.  For just $19.95, you get a 5-7 minute mini-session via a private video posted on YouTube. Let me give you some insight about your life, or ask me one or two questions. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn from such a short and simple reading.


What are you waiting for? The Holidays?  Oh - did I mention what a great gift it would be to send a confidential reading to a friend??????


Can't wait to hear from you.


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Fall For Autumn 2013

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Hairiette and Henry Celebrate Fall


 I'm not a fan of cold weather, the excess of the holidays or the long space of time there will be until summer comes again. That's why, until today, I was feeling a sense of dread about greeting the new season.

Don't get me wrong. It hasn't been all that bad of a time period. I've embraced my freedom like never before. I had just enjoyed working at church on the Lebanese Food Festival (a sure sign of Fall!), and I was enjoying the company of Hairiette, my faithful Tibetan Terrier, and her new "baby brother", Henry, as we walked along the Panhandle trail in a reduced temperature that wasn't uncomfortable at all.


The sun was setting sooner and faster. Fall was coming. The time of the autumnal equinox was approaching. I had hoped to attend a real "event" commemorating fall's true arrival, but I couldn't muster up the energy. I was feeling lethargic, tired, and definitely wistful about losing the taste of summer that had been so sweet to me! (I know - the weather stunk most of the time, but had a fabulous, sunny vacation that made up for a rotten summer in 5 blissful days or less).


I didn't really  notice it was 4:44 PM EDT, the actual time that fall began, until I took note of the odd behavior my little Tibetans displayed. Alternately, Hairiette and Henry rolled in the grass - just as dogs do in the spring and summer - but this time it was different. They were stopping. They were noticing the change. And they weren't just "okay" with it - they were rubbing their bodies on the earth with great joy and unmistakable relish!  I got curious...then I looked at my watch... it was officiallly fall!


Suddenly, my dim outlook on "the fall of the sun" brightened. Maybe it wouldn't be so so bad. Maybe, rather, tha seeing summer fade in the pale green of the leaves, I should anticipate with great joy the fiery colors that are to come! Certainly these little dogs had no problem with it. THey showed me right there how there really is wisdom in remembering "To everything there is a season."


Watch the video to see more about  Fall 2013, some important planetary happenings, and my vision for the new





Everybody needs astrology! I am available for Private Video ReadingsPersonal Consultations on Life Issues, Weddings and Business Matters - for Radio & TV appearances - and speaking engagements!

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Open Letter to Daily Horoscope Readers

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Dear Daily Readers:


It's been a lot of fun to share my musings with you, but I've reached a point where I have to retire from writing Daily Horoscopes for my website.


Weekly Horoscopes at work will still be a feature - from time to time I'll be commenting on astrology news and my views - and the good news is:


as I will no longer be writing daily horoscopes, I will have time to write more interesting, useful and original pieces about astrology and life.


Don't give up on me!  There will be more to come.


Be well and keep watching




Aquarius Time - Bearing The Water in 2013

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Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius, Judi Vitale,, Talent Network


The Sun and Mercury will be in Aquarius as of January 19th. What does this mean to you, and what is it like to know and love an Aquarius (or not)? 


Watch this video for answers to these queries and insight into how to play the planets during the Time of Aquarius in 2013.



As always, I am available for Private Video ReadingsPersonal Consultations on Life Issues, Weddings and Business Matters - for Radio & TV appearances - and speaking engagements!

2013: The Overview

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2013 Overview, Horoscopes, Astrology, Judi Vitale, ReadTheStars, Talent NetworkPhoto by Judi Vitale

The outer planet changes we have experienced recently - Pluto to Capricorn, Neptune to Pisces, Uranus to Aries - created a lot of tumult, and the fact they will stay put for awhile will make 2013 calmer. Yet, there will still be an undercurrent of difficulty that will not allow us to settle or feel as though we're in the clear. Change is difficult, and the continuing battle between the powerhouse planets Uranus and Pluto will drive that point home with a vengeance. While we struggle to make our way to something new, we must be careful about what we create to replace the old. The best bet, as always, is to remain close to our spiritual center, and be prepared for anything and everything. Although it isn't a case of "all is lost", it is a matter of accepting the transient nature of the material world, and embracing that which is far more meaningful than any object we can own.


The key dates, when events might be triggered, are May 20th and November 1st, when these two planets will be exactly 90 degrees away from another, forming a square angle, in the sky.


The other celestial events that can produce accelerated activity are the eclipses. This year, they will take place on April 25th (Scorpio), May 9th-10th( Taurus), May 25th(Sagittarius), October 18th-19th(Aries) and November 3rd (Scorpio). 

There seems to be a big emphasis on the water signs, with the eclipses as well as with another big event this year. A Grand Sextile will take place on July 29th, and it will involve Neptune in Pisces, the moon in Taurus, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration isn't particularly active, but it is inspirational. Try to th ink of ways you can get in touch with who you are on the inside.


Most of us love to hate Mercury Retrograde, because it interferes with our ability to make connections, creates disruptions in technology and transportation and can cause us to miss seeing what's in the fine print.  Here are the times when we'll have to work with that this year.  Notice, once again - the retrograde periods all take place in the Water Signs.

Mercury will be retrograde February 23rd-March 17th in Pisces, June 26th-July 20th in Cancer, and October 21st-November 10th in Scorpio.


Other major motions include Jupiter coming out of retrograde January 30th, then moving into the sign of Cancer June 25th. It will go retrograde again on November 6th-7th. Saturn's retrograde extends from February 18th-July 7th-8th, Uranus July 17th-December 17th, Neptune June 7th-November 13th, and Pluto April 12th-September 20th.

For those of you who follow Asian astrology, it will be the Year of the Snake as of February 10th. 

I wish all of you a blessed, joyful, prosperous and productive 2013.

As always, I am available for Private Video ReadingsPersonal Consultations on Life Issues, Weddings and Business Matters - for Radio & TV appearances - and speaking engagements!

Now - watch the video - and Happy New Year from!


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